Smooth the way or are we shock absorbtion when things get bumpy?

Image   Vs  treesupport

My colleagues and I had an interesting discussion today.

We can’t fix everything for teams in advance, its not possible.  We can’t foresee everything and it would be too time consuming to iterate through all possible scenarios – we would just be talking all the time.

On the other hand, we can’t just stand by and wait for something to “happen” ….. or can we?

Heres the thing.

Each teams journey is different … each team encounters different problems and each team has a different level of maturity ( which gives them varying levels of capacity to deal with daily crap.)

So why not wait for them to tell you what the crap is when they encounter it and help them navigate it, absorb the bumps, make the difference and move on?

What?…… thats Lazy! ….

Not if you tell them about the destination of their journey

Why are we so caught up in being Impediment removers instead of Vision Seakers, Culture cultivators, Support…. We should not strive to be the people holding the brushes in a curling match but rather support for a growing vulnerable tree.