Finally making a difference – True Honest Leadership

I have been a Line manager for almost 7 years now. All the while I felt I have been doing a good job … my Dialog Results showed that I was doing reasonably well. I was and am ethusiastic and I tend to “get the job done”.

Over the passed two years I have been on a journey, the same journey as my company which is going through a large scale agile and Lean transformation.  I started to read about the “new”  Leadership. True Honest and Wholesome Leadership.  It seemed alien at first as it didnt really sync with what was going on around me. But I perservered.

In the last month or so I have been going around to different people and teams within our organisation to talk about why its important to build a SW Craftmanship Culture and encouraging people to feel very proud of being a Software Developer (sometimes our SW developers feel a bit overwhelmed by our very senior experts in both systems  and test.

Without any mandate from on high and without having to link what I was saying to “Strategy”, or get approval from a manager above me,  I just started talking about  the future, why software was very important (We are traditionally Hardware company) and what we could do now to plant some seeds for later on.

It has been a hard slog and it has taken some time and energy on my part. I kept asking myself  “why do I bother?” … “Am I wasting my time?”.

I wasn’t. Last friday night while sitting in a the audience of a comedy show I received an email from a Developer. She told me that she and another guy (both of them less that 2 years experience in the company) are going to set up a coding group. This group will work on building skills but also they could take a backlog item etc etc.

She thanked me and her manager for support and encouragement and inspiration.

It really made my evening.

It reinforced in me the thought that when you don’t do things out of obligation, for yourself, for attention, and “visibility”,  but rather when you do things from the heart and talk about what YOU really believe in you create a better connection with people.

.. I finally felt that I made a difference, A Real Difference… Its a wonderful feeling

Sometimes just being completely open and vulnerable and honest with people is all thats needed.

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