Continuous Deployment – But what does it really mean?


So here we are, over 2 years since Ericsson started its transformation to a Agile/Lean company and we will now start deploying to a customer in the U.S. every 3 weeks.

“HOOO HAAAW” As AlPacino would say! This is really exciting, why? Because now instead of talking the talk we now have to walk the walk.

In the two years since we started out on this journey, we have achieved an awful lot but we were starting to hit the glass ceiling of old style Program/Project Management Thinking and it started to become a little demotivating and frustrating ( for both the teams and lower level management).

But now there is an opportunity. We have to start deploying every 3 weeks and in order to do this we MUST change how we plan and develop our features and manage our product,… there is no hiding – we are very exposed…

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